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September 1st
Deadline for Pre Registration of Livestock

Saturday, September 13
Rodeo Queen Interviews—Lonoke Extension Office 9 am
Little Mr. Lonoke County 9 am
Mr. Lonoke County 9 am
Little Girls Pageant (1 day to 9 yrs) 9 am
Fair Queen (16-21 yrs) 2 pm
Young Miss and Mr. (10-15 yrs) 2 pm
Livestock Exhibitors Appreciation Banquet 6pm

Monday, September 15
Schools Art registered, Education Building Noon-2 pm

Tuesday, September 16
Educational and Community Service Booths may set up
Registration of Educational Building Exhibits. for Example, but not limited to, Home Economics, Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts, Creative Writing, Photography,  Horticulture Entries Registered 11 am-7 pm
Open Beef, Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Horses, Mules, Sheep,Swine to be in place 8 pm
Open, Jr, Sr & Pee Wee Dairy, Meat and Market Goats, Rabbits & Poultry to be in place 7 pm
Weigh market Goats   7pm
Mature Woman Pagent   7pm

Wednesday, September 17
Carnival Opens
Cut Flowers and Herbs 7:30 am-8:45am
Education, Home Economics, Flori-culture Horticulture & Field Crop Judging 9 am
Commercial Booth set up 9 am- 8 pm
Dairy Goat Judging—Pee Wee, Jr and Open                   8 am
Dairy Goat Showmanship                                    Following  Goat Show
Breeding Goat Show—Pee Wee, Junior, Open      Following Dairy Goats
Market Goat Show—Pee Wee, Junior                   Following Breeding Goat show
Market Goat and Breeding Goat Showmanship    Following Goat show
Rodeo Queen Horsemanship (Fairground Arena) 6 pm
Jr Market Lambs & Breeding must be in place by 7pm
Weigh Market Lambs  7 pm
Weigh Commercial Heifers and Steers 7 pm
Junior and Pee Wee Livestock in Place (Beef, Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Horses, Mules, Sheep, Swine, Goats) 7 pm
Weigh Market Swine and Commercial Gilts 7 pm
Educational Building will be open after judging is completed until 10 pm

Thursday, September 18
Educational & Commercial Building Open 3 pm-10 pm
EIA Check-in 3:30 pm-4:45pm
County Fair Parade 5 pm
Red Neck Rodeo (Rodeo Arena) 7:30 pm
Senior Citizens (62 & over) receive FREE Admission onto Fair Grounds

Friday, September 19
Beef Cattle Show (Ring #1) - Pee Wee, Junior, Open 8 am
Beef Cattle Showmanship Following Beef Show
Education and Commercial Building Open 3 pm-10 pm
Dairy Cattle Show (Ring #1) Pee Wee, Junior, Open 10 am
Dairy Cattle Showmanship Following Dairy Show
Swine Show (Ring #2) - Pee Wee, Junior, Open 10 am
Swine Showmanship Following Swine Show
Sheep Show (Ring #2) - Pee Wee, Junior, Open 11 am
Sheep Showmanship Following
Sheep Show
Poultry Show 1 pm
Rabbit Show 2pm
Rabbit Showmanship Following

Queens Grand Entry 7:30 pm
Bullnanza 8 pm

Saturday, September 20
Horse and Mule Show—Pee Wee, Junior, Senior 8 am
Horse and Mule Showmanship Following
Horse and
Mule Show
4-H & FFA Livestock Judging Contest 9 am
Education and Commercial Building Open 9 am-10 pm
Mare and Mule Weigh-In 9 am - 10 am
Children’s Small Animal Pet Show 10 am
Horse & Mule Pull 11 am
Cross Cut Saw Contest noon
Youth Talent Show 1 pm
Livestock Awards Presentation 3 pm
4-H Poultry Chain Auction 3:30 pm
Queen’s Grand Entry 7 pm
Bullnanza 8 pm
Livestock Check-out 9 pm

Sunday, September 21
Check—out for Educational, Horticultural and Home Economics
1 pm—4 pm